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Regulations for the prevention of Air pollution from ships

Revised Annex VI entered into force: 1st July 2010

  • All ships
  • Exceptions;
    • Damage to ship or equipment.
    • Saving life at sea.
    • Safety of ship.

Survey & Certification
  • All ships of 400 GT & above IAPP Certificate
  • Subjected to;
    • Initial survey
    • Annual survey
    • Intermediate survey
    • Renewal survey

  • 12: ODS
  • 13: NOx
  • 14: SOx & PM
  • 15: VOC
  • 16: Incineration
  • 17: Reception Facility
  • 18: F.O. Quality & availability

Regulation 14: SOx & PM
  • Current;
    • Global: 5% S 2020 : 0.5% S (After 2018 review)
    • ECA: 1% S
  • Applies to M/E, A/E, Boiler, IG
  • Methods;
    • Compliant Fuel
    • Cold Ironing
    • Exhaust gas cleaning (E.g.: Scrubbers)
    • LNG
  • ECAs;
    • Baltic Sea (SOx Only)
    • North Sea (SOx Only)
    • North American Area (SOx , NOx & PM)
    • US Caribbean Sea (SOx , NOx & PM)
  • O. Change-over;
    • Prior entry into ECA fully change-over to compliant fuel (low sulfur).
    • Must have written change-over procedures.
    • Must not commence change-over prior exiting ECA.
    • Record quantities of Low sulfur F.O. with date, time & position.
      • At Completion of change-over prior entry
      • At Completion of change-over after exiting
In log book under guidelines of Administration or in ORB.
Important – Cylinder lube oil must also be changed over with F.O. (to Low TBN)


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