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Special Areas under MARPOL

                      In Annex I, Annex II, Annex IV and Annex V, MARPOL defines certain sea areas as "special areas" in which, for technical reasons relating to their oceanographical and ecological condition and to their sea traffic, the adoption of special mandatory methods for the prevention of sea pollution is required. Under the Convention, these special areas are provided with a higher level of protection than other areas of the sea.

                     Annex VI establishes certain sulphur oxide (SOx) Emission Control Areas with more stringent controls on sulphur emissions and nitrogen oxides (NOx) Emission Control Areas for Tier III NOx emission standards.

Special areas under MARPOL are as follows:

Annex I: Oil
  1. Mediterranean Sea
  2. Baltic Sea
  3. Black Sea
  4. Red Sea
  5. "Gulfs" area
  6. Gulf of Aden
  7. Antarctic area
  8. North West European Waters
  9. Oman area of the Arabian Sea
  10. Southern South African waters
Annex II: Noxious Liquid Substances

  1. Antarctic area
  1. Baltic Sea
Annex V: Garbage
  1. Mediterranean Sea
  2. Baltic Sea 
  3. Black Sea
  4. Red Sea 
  5. "Gulfs" area 
  6. North Sea 
  7. Antarctic area (south of latitude 60 degrees south) 
  8. Wider Caribbean region including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea 
  1. Baltic Sea (SOx )
  2. North Sea (SOx)
  3. North American ECA (SOx and PM)(NOx)
  4. United States Caribbean Sea ECA (SOx and PM)(NOx)


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